Review & Swatches: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer


I was so excited this morning when I opened my room door and saw my ASOS delivery. Immediately, (judging from the size of the box) I already knew what's in it and there was no way I was going to wait any later to un-box it. 

So, finally I have got my hands on the RIMMEL LONDON Apocalips Lip Lacquer. Since they haven't hit the Australian shelves yet, I wasn't really sure of what to expect and the color range. Therefore, based on other bloggers' reviews, I have chosen my 4 picks out of the 7 that were available on

(L-R: Big Bang 400, Stellar 501, Apocaliptic 303, Nova 102)
And I was pleasantly surprised. :) The Apocalips goes on so comfortably smooth on the lips that it gives a shiny finish like a gloss and the intense color of a lipstick. It's combined the best of both worlds. (Yes! It's a hybrid!) It did not feel tacky at all or dry up my lips like some other lip glosses do, it was rather creamy.

The product was in a typical lip gloss shaped tube and it came with an angled sponge tip applicator. The clear bottom half of the tube is so handy for displaying the colour. And the color you see is exactly what you would expect on your lips, no misleading color caps.

The staying power of these little things are also quite impressive. The gloss first wears off after a while, but the color stays semi matte on the lips for an extra 2-3 hours. The Apocalips also has a very interesting scent to it. Some others say it smells unpleasant, but to me, I don't mind the scent. It smells very much like those Japanese watermelon chewing gum. 

Below are the swatches of my 4 picks:

Nova - A bright rosy bubblegum pink that leans more cool toned. Suitable for everyday wears.

Apocaliptic - A cool toned fuschia, almost like a bright raspberry color. It is one of those fun pop colors. 

Stellar - A bold coral. Interesting enough that sometimes it leans more red, sometimes it leans more pink.

Big Bang - A bright true red that is not too cool not too warm. For red lip lovers, this is the perfect 'in your face' red. 

(Under light. L-R: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar, Big Bang)

(Under flash. L-R: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar, Big Bang)

Overall, I'm just so blown away by the color payoff of these lippies. They apply nicely without a budge and they also have a glossy finish. So far, the only similar drugstore product is the LOREAL Caress Lip Stain, even so, the Loreal lip stains were more watery than creamy. Hence, this lipstick/gloss formula is quite unique in my opinion. I adore the four colors I've got, I could not decide which is my favorite shade, but I wonder if the nude shades are just as pigmented?

With a good color range from nudes to bold colors, these lippies were on sale for AUD$7.16 (original price $9.55). And I just checked, the deal is still on. Are they worth buying? I say HELL YEAH! :D

Happy shopping!



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  1. The pigmentation looks amazing! They actually look stronger than the Loreal and YSL lipstains!

    1. They are when it comes to opacity I think :D They are also less tacky than the Loreal ones, but the Loreal ones have a shinier gloss finish.

  2. I'm really itching to try these, damn Australia for making it so hard for us! Your swatches may have convinced me to order online though :) xx


    1. Haha it doesn't hurt to try and see if you like it. Especially with the free shipping they offer on Asos. :D It has easily become a staple in my makeup bag.


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