HELLO everyone! =) After a very long time of struggle and contemplation, I have finally decided to start blogging and here I am with my very first post. 

First, for those who don't know me...

I am 22 from Hong Kong. I have lived in most cities around Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide and now currently studying university in Melbourne. It was not easy to leave my family and all loved ones behind, but being away from home means experiencing a whole new life and culture, and meeting new people from around the world. 

Through the ups and downs in life, I have now become who I am. Still shy when it comes to meeting new people, but have found myself a bunch of loving friends, which I am eternally thankful for having them stand by me at my worst. 

So...no more of the boring stuff. This blog is going to be about a few of my greatest interests - makeup, nails, styling and other random thoughts that hit my mind. Hope you will like it :)


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