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Avène has always been a brand I love and I know I can trust.

The very first time I came across the brand was back in 2009 when I was travelling in Thailand with my family - before it was even available in Australia. I was recommended the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray by the local pharmacist to help soothe and calm my sensitive skin that was irritated by the hot and humid weather. Ever since then I have been hooked.

Avène has recently relaunched their Tolérance Extrême range with new and reformulated products. Containing no more than eight essential ingredients in each product, Avène created a simple yet effective daily care routine to moisturise and hydrate skin without causing any irritation. Perfect for all types of sensitive skin, from mild sensitive to hypersensitive.

What I am most impressed with the range is that it is completely free of preservatives! How? The Tolérance Extrême range is labelled as 'Sterile Cosmetics' meaning their formula is 'free of superfluous ingredients and preserved throughout use.' During the manufacturing process, the formula and packaging of the products are kept in a sterile atmosphere.

And thanks to their D.E.F.I. (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) system, the opening of the packaging essentially squeezes out the product and prevents anything from entering back in. This not only guarantees the product inside stays uncontaminated but also allows Avène to formulate the products with minimal ingredients, keeping it as simple as possible. This range is 100% free of preservatives, paraben, emulsifier and fragrance.

In the Tolérance Extrême range, there are three products - the Cleansing Lotion, the Emulsion and the Cream.

First step is the Cleansing Lotion ($47.95 AUD 200ml), it is a moisturising cream cleanser that is designed to gently remove makeup while soothing your skin. It is a non-rinse formula that is suitable to be used on both the face and eyes. Now, I am one that prefers to double cleanse. Depending on my makeup on the day, I would use my micellar water or cleansing oil to remove the bulk of my makeup. Then I would massage the Cleansing Lotion on my dry face with my dry fingers in circular motion to further break down any leftover makeup and impurities. Some nights I would even use it with my Clarisonic for a deeper clean.

Second step is to tone. Most of the time, I would either be using a moisturising toner or spraying the Thermal Spring Water ($25.95 AUD 300ml) to rehydrate and soothe my skin after cleansing, then I just pat it dry. I find it very refreshing to use especially in the morning and after a shower. During Summer, I like to keep the small 50ml bottle in my bag, so that I can spray to cool down from the heat and freshen up whenever I need to.

Last but not least, moisturise. Even in the Summer time, it is extremely important to moisturise twice a day. The Emulsion ($49.95 AUD 50ml) is Avène's new fusional daily moisturiser. It has a lightweight and milky texture that is fast-absorbing, hydrating and a little goes a long way. It leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised without leaving behind any oily residue. It is targeted more for normal to combination skin.

If you have dry to very dry skin, the Cream ($49.95 AUD 50ml) is for you. It has a slightly richer formula compared to the Emulsion but I wouldn't say it is thick in consistency. With its ultra-fine oil droplets, it allows the product to be absorbed really fast without leaving any residue behind. Skin feels instantly hydrated and nourished after applying the cream.

Both of these moisturisers are suitable to be used day and night. I personally like to use the Emulsion in the morning and the Cream in the evening, just because I could get a little oily during the day in the heat.

My skin usually freaks out a little when it is adjusting to the changes in the weather and Melbourne is famous for its extremes of weather. I tend to get quite dry around my cheeks and eye contour area. After using the Tolérance Extrême range for the past two weeks, it has definitely looked after my skin during the change in seasons. Keeping it hydrated and at bay.

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a simple skincare routine that effectively hydrates, soothes and calms your skin, I would highly recommend checking out the Tolérance Extrême range and other Avène products. 

You can find Avène at Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies nationally.

Do you have sensitive skin?
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*This post is kindly sponsored by Avène and products were gifted to me. All thoughts on everything shared on this blog are entirely my honest opinion and are based on my personal experience with the products and the brand.

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