OOTD 26.4.13


Hello ladies! I was out and about today, as I was told that there is a massive sale going on at Target, I ran out of my house to hunt down some goodies without hesitating. 

I usually like to throw on something casual and comfy when I know I will be walking a lot (aha leggings!) and there's no one to impress. 

A purchase from Hong Kong, made in Korea. It's plain grey in the front and black chiffon on the back with like a cape design (maybe I will insert a picture of the top later). 


KMART Seamless black leggings. (They are so comfortable and stretchy, also they never go out of shape.)

Lindsay Slippers from RUBI. Purchased end of last year. 

A sneak peek on what I picked up today at Target, Priceline and Kmart. 

I was wanting to get the blush from ESSENCE's Home Sweet Home collection, but unfortunately they were sold out at the Chadstone Target. 

At Priceline, I was surpised to see some of the ESSENCE products are on 50% off (you know, Essence never go on sale). I could not resist, but a few of them are already out of stock, so I picked out some of the ones that are still available. 

Have you seen the new nail collection by FACE OF AUSTRALIA? :D Go check them out if you are a glitter girl, you won't be disappointed. 


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  1. Such a pretty sweater, I love that purple colour. Its so gorgeous! I was definitely going to look around to for some glitter nail polishes though I can never decide which ones to buy! xoxo

    1. Thanks! :) Boogie wonderland and Heart of glass are by far my favorites from the collection, there are just nothing like them. Lookin' for something hot is also very nice! Go check them out if you haven't. xx


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