Monthly Favorites: APRIL'13


As May comes along, it is time for a monthly favorite :D

April has gone pass so quickly and when I think about it, it's about time to stress about deadlines, tests and exams. What I most look forward to is the semester break that comes after, as I will get to fly back home to visit my family and friends. :)

Throughout April, I have been keeping my makeup to the minimal, except for a few occasions. I don't know why, but I've been really into that kind of look - winged eyeliner, mascara and a pop of color on the lower lash line or lips. Simple yet still fun. 

BECCA Luminous Skin Color in Nude
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
For face, I've been enjoying the combo of BECCA's Luminous Skin Color and MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. The Luminous Skin Color is very much like a tinted moisturizer which doesn't give you much coverage, but it does even out my skin tone a little. It does provide a quite dewy finish, which is nice for dry skin. I normally finish it with my MSF to smoothen out my skin and give a bit more coverage to my redness. It also mattifies areas that could be too shiny. 

This combination doesn't give you the most flawless finish, but it allows your natural beauty to shine through and I like it that way. Not too flawless to be true and it is boyfriend approve. For an everyday foundation, I think this works really well, since it is very light and natural. It makes your face looks like your natural skin but better. 

REVLON Photoready Blush in Flushed

For cheeks, as you know I love my cream blushes for winter and REVLON's Photoready blushes just get the job done. The one color that I am constantly drawn to is Flushed, which is a gorgeous gorgeous pink. It looks very intense in the pot, almost a hot pink; but when applied, it gives you this really pretty pink flush on your cheeks (just as the name suggests). And it always brightens up my mood a little. 

L-R: AUSTRALIS Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Jive and REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter in 075 Lollipop

First, Jive is a light mauve pink that I would normally use instead of a nude lip. I like this better in a way that it gives me more color, but still keeping things fairly neutral and it is still very wearable for winter. The AUSTRALIS lipsticks all have a scent to it, which is not unpleasant, but I just can't quite describe what it smells like. 

Next lip color that I'm obsessed with is Lollipop. I normally pair this bold color with my neutral eye makeup. It is a bold and bright fuchsia and a very nice pop color, but you can always sheer it out by applying a few dabs along the lips and blend with your fingers. All the lip butters are so creamy and smooth, they go on like a dream. 

DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliner in Black

DOLLY WINK is well known for their eyeliners in the Asian market. Their liquid liner is so pigmented, and it is waterproof. The design of the brush tip is so fine and precise, which gives you a great amount of control. This has quickly become my go-to liquid liner and I use it everyday to create my winged eye. It always gives a clean sharp edge and for me, it doesn't budge throughout the day. Definitely going to repurchase a few backups when I go home during the holiday.

RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
L-R: Purple 013, Silver 010, Bright Blue 014, Nude 005, Bronze 012, Black 001 and Taupe 004
The RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes eyeliners are one the bests drugstore liners I've ever come across. It has got a great selection of colors and each of them are very pigmented. The lasting power is also very decent on the waterline. The purple, blue and silver are perfect for the lash line if you want to add some color without going too far. They instantly help draw attention to the eyes and it is always fun to wear color liners instead of the usual black and brown. On an everyday basis, I tightline with the black liner and smudge/blend it a little with the eye brush that I'm going to talk about below. 

SASATINNIE Eye Defining Brush 

An eye defining/smudging brush is almost a must have in my opinion. It is so versatile - great at tightlining, softening eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lashlines, and extending your liner to create perfect winged eyes. I use this brush almost every single day to smooth out my eyeliners and create a softer look. It is a brush with short bristles and flat at the top. I have come across some smudging brush with longer bristles, but because they are more flexible, I just don't think they work as well. And with a short bristles brush, you get more control out of it.

WATER FISH Large Powder Brush
As for a makeup brush for face, I have been loving the large powder brush made by Water Fish (I will link her below), who is a beauty Youtuber from Hong Kong. She has recently released three makeup brushes - a powder brush, a blush brush and an angled foundation brush (which is very comparable to the Shiseido foundation brush). I must say, they are all very soft and high quality at a very reasonable price! This powder brush is very big, round and fluffy. It is made with natural animal hair. When brushed on the face, it is so so soft, even softer than my RealTechniques powder brush (now that's definitely something!). Maybe it's just me and I know this might sound weird, but it also gives me a slightly 'cooling' sensation. :P

WaterFish's Facebook page and Youtube channel.

LOREAL Color Riche Nail Polish in 304 Spicy Orange

Now, how could I end my monthly favorite without mentioning a nail product. My favorite nail color for the month is Spicy Orange by LOREAL. It is this orange red color, so spicy, so bright on the nails and toes. I love it so much that I have already reapplied three times during the month of April. I love the formula of LOREAL's polishes, love the packaging and design. It is such a small bottle, but this is what I like about it. For once, I'm actually able to finish up a polish that is not a base/top coat. 

Any of you girls also loving what I like this month? Leave a comment below and let me know what are your beauty favorites of April! I would love to know :)

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  1. OMG, great job Hanny even though I dont really have time to really all of them. I will read it carefully after my assignments are done !!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I've never seen those Revlon Photoready blushes here! It looks so pigmented!!! I really like those Lip Butters too!

    I need to try the Dollywink liners! Liquid eyeliners are my weakness haha!

    Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. I think they will eventually bring them to hk, just like the colorstay foundation :D


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