The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar*


Today marks the first day of December!

Can you believe how fast time has passed by this year? We are officially 24 sleeps away from Christmas and I am so NOT ready!

Each year, many beauty brands would release an advent calendar to countdown and to celebrate the joy of Christmas. You are meant to open up one little gift every day starting from 1 December and there will be 25 gifts in total. It is probably the best present you could give to a beauty addict like me and personally, I think it is a great value set to get to try out products from the brand.

The one I have to show you today is from The Body Shop - 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar (RRP $139 AUD). It is packed with the best sellers and new releases from their bodycare, skincare, makeup and accessories, valued over $200.

First of all, The Body Shop Advent Calendar is big and the packaging is super cute! I love the design of the calendar, it is very fun and festive. The green and gold theme reminds me so much of Christmas. Inside the calendar, you will see 25 gift boxes all numbered and on the side of each box, there is a little quote that goes with the product inside.

Now, I have pretty much spoilt the surprises for myself and opened all of them to show you guys the content. So you be the judge, whether this is worth getting or not.

Do not scroll further down if you don't want to see the products inside!

Day 1: Spiced Apple Shower Gel 60ml - "A Christmas-cracking beauty bounty"
Day 2: White Mini Bath Lily - "Make today a life-changing day"
Day 3: Vitamin E Moisture Cream 15ml - "Be a force of good"
Day 4: Frosted Berries Softening Body Gel-Lotion 30ml - "A guiltless, festive indulgence"
Day 5: Soft Facial Sponge - "Soft, supple, smooth skin"

Day 6: Lip Definer in Clover Pink 1.1g - "Be a true original"
Day 7: Small Pencil Sharpener - "Beauty has never looked so good"
Day 8: Coconut Soap 100g - "Nature never gets it wrong"
Day 9: Slanted Tweezers - "For the down-to-earth goddess in you"
Day 10: Strawberry Lip Butter 10ml - "Be mistletoe ready with the perfect pout"

Day 11: Vanilla Chai Softening Body Gel-Lotion 60ml - "The cream of the crop"
Day 12: Eye Definer in Black 1g - "Goodness makes gorgeous"
Day 13: Eyelash Curler - "Feel so good, inside and out"
Day 14: British Rose Shower Gel 60ml - "Beauty for the body and soul"
Day 15: Eyeshadow Brush - "Make every moment count"

Day 16: Mango Whipped-Lotion 60ml - "Where? Now"
Day 17: Nail File - "Buff yourself beautiful"
Day 18: Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 60ml - "Find your inner beauty and let it shine"
Day 19: Shea Lip Butter 10ml - "A gift from the nutcracker"
Day 20: Polynesian Island Tiaré Shower Gel 60ml - "Travel with your mind and body"

Day 21: Lash & Brow Comb - "Beauty full with no added bull"
Day 22: Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream 30ml - "Enriched with the finest natural ingredients"
Day 23: Colour Crush™ Nail Polish in ‘Just Peachy’ 6.8ml - "When you wish upon a star"
Day 24: Strawberry Body Butter 200ml - "We invented Body Butter"
Day 25: Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream 5ml & Zzz Eye Mask - "Sleep tight on this silent night"

If this is not WOW, The Body Shop also have a deluxe version, which is the ultimate advent calendar! The content inside that one is quite different and the packaging is pink and gold. Make sure to check that out as well :)

What do you think of the goodies in the advent calendar?
If you have a friend who loves The Body Shop, get this for him/her!

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*Products were kindly provided for consideration. All thoughts on everything shared on this blog are entirely my own and are my honest opinion.

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