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A while back, I was chatting with Rebecca - one of the founders of ShopandBox, about how intriguing the new Korean face masks are and we decided to work together on a beauty haul. When it comes to Korean beauty (a.k.a. K-beauty), I am a little noob. I've only used some sheet masks from the big skincare brands such as Innisfree and Etude House in the past and I am keen to explore a little more.

In case you have not heard about ShopandBox - it is a personal shopping service that I truly love and have used multiple times (you can see all my previous hauls on my Instagram). Whether it be cosmetics, electronics or clothing, ShopandBox makes shopping around the world possible and you can now purchase from over 28 countries using their service. I mainly use it to shop limited edition makeup and beauty products or brands and gift sets that are not available in Australia.

With the help of Rebecca and my boxer Jess, I was able to discover some interesting Korean skincare goodies. Let me show you the products I hauled!

First - FACE MASKS! Korean face masks are all the rage of late. They have all sorts of fun and innovative masks available on the market - bubble mask, rubber mask, foil mask and so on.

1 // Bonvivant Original Chrome Mask Peel Off Type (KRW ₩19200 ~ USD $16.69)

Peel off masks are oddly satisfying. This chrome mask from Bonvivant aims to reveal a brighter and clearer complexion. It contains pearl powder to gently exfoliate and diamond powder to boost elasticity and remove impurities. It also delivers antioxidants and vitamins to keep the skin soft, healthy and strong. All you need is 20 minutes - paint it on and peel it off once it's dried. I can't wait to slap on this shimmering metallic mask! 

2 // COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask (KRW ₩13950 ~ USD $12.12)

I love a good overnight treatment! COSRX is a brand that provides natural solutions to acne prone and oily skin. Although my skin is on the drier side, acne has always been an issue for me and their popular Honey Overnight Mask really stood out to me. With a high content of 85% bee propolis and royal jelly, it is packed with antioxidants for healing skin and moisturising those dry and flakey patches. It also helps to gently cleanse away any dirt and bacteria and strengthen your skin while you sleep. It has a gel texture that can be quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film. 

3 // Bonvivant Silicon Pack Brush (KRW ₩4800 ~ USD $4.17)

I was recommended by my boxer to pick up this Bonvivant Silicon Brush to use with the chrome mask. It is designed like a little spatula to easily scoop out the product from the jar. The silicone brush head is great at evenly distributing any clay, jelly or liquid mask and making sure there's no wasting product. It is quite small and compact. Simply run it through lukewarm water, the silicone brush is much easier to clean compared to my traditional mask brushes. 

4 // Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone (KRW ₩9000 ~ USD $7.83)

The Abalone Sheet Mask from Blithe is advertised as an ultra-hydrating treatment that is safe for any sensitive skin - right up my alley. It is packed with marine extracts sourced from the water near the famous Jeju Island in Korea, containing marine collagen and abalone. It is a mask to help strengthen and protect your skin and to provide deep hydration for the driest skin. It also works to retain the moisture level in your skin and to prevent any water-loss. Simply leave the sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes and pat in any remaining essence for better absorption. 

5 // A'PIEU Cocorico Silk Blanket Gold Mask (KRW ₩20000 ~ USD $17.39)

Not gonna lie, I was totally sucked into getting this sheet mask because of the gold sequins looking foil. With the main ingredients being egg yolk and honey, this mask provides anti wrinkle effect. What sets this mask apart from others is the three layer structure: 1. hologram foil (to retain skin moisture), 2. holes (to provide ventilation) and 3. skin gel (to increase skin absorptivity). I tried it on the first day I received it and my skin looks instantly brighter and moisturized. I will have to use it for a longer period of time to see its effects on skin firming and wrinkles. 

6 // SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick (KRW ₩25000 ~ USD $21.72)

The cult favourite Cleansing Stick from SU:M37 is an exciting product to try. It is a twist up solid stick cleanser containing over 90% of natural ingredients. You can see bits and pieces of rose petals in the stick. This cleanser has received a lot of hype in the Asian beauty community for some good reasons. It is perfect for traveling and throwing into your gym bag. It's got a pH level between 5 and 6, which helps to prevent damage to the skin's moisture barrier. And it smells like roses! It is suppose to cleanse and hydrate your skin without leaving any residue behind. It also claims to be free from artificial colours, parabens, and synthetic preservatives.

7 // Espoir Eyeshadow (KRW ₩15000 ~ USD $13.04) and Beauty Blush (KRW ₩30000 ~ USD $26.07)

I've tried Espoir cosmetics before from my last trip to Korea and I remember I was highly impressed by their products. When I first laid my eyes on their new eyeshadows and blushes, I already knew I had to pick up a few. Can we talk about how stunning the embossing is? 

Both the eyeshadows and blush are pigmented, soft to touch and easy to blend. I chose some peachy warm shadows in 6. Vanity Fair, 7. Chemistry and 10. Extreme Pose, and a blush in shade 1. Elusive. These swatches do not do it justice - the shadows look a lot more shimmery in person. Espoir definitely did not disappoint

8 // A'PIEU Water Light Tint (KRW ₩5500 ~ USD $4.78)

Lip tints or lip stains are also extremely popular in Korea. This time I've picked up two Water Light Tint from A'PIEU to try - in the shades PK01 and RD02. It is a semi opaque lip tint that gives a soft and dewy (almost jelly-like) finish when first applied. Once, it's completely dried and worn off, it leaves a smooth and long lasting tint to the lips. It is formulated to nourish the lips without feeling dry. So far, I'm loving both of them. They sit comfortably and feel very lightweight on my lips. Available in 8 juicy colours, I am looking into ordering another one in the shade RD03, which looks like the perfect nude!

The Korean beauty world has so so much to offer and they are constantly coming out with new, makeup trends, skincare products and technology. 


To bring you a chance to try out some of the latest and coolest Korean makeup and skincare trends, I have teamed up with ShopandBox to host a giveaway on my Instagram:

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Giveaway is ONLY open to people living in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA. Entry closes on 7th March 11:59pm AEST. 

Make sure you go check it out and enter if you are interested - here! It is also the perfect time to try out the ShopandBox service if you haven't already. Good luck beauties! xx

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